Demedash T-120 Videotape Echo V2 / Delux

Demedash T-120 Videotape Echo V2 / Deluxe / Black Sparkle

Demedash T-120 Video Tape Echo V2 Deluxe

Demedash Effects is a Small Boutique guitar Pedal Company residing in Winnipeg, Canada.


(Steve) Demedash started working with guitar pedals as he pursued his degree as an electrical engineer. Initially, he customized effects for local musicians. In time, he realized he could combine his passion of graphic design with his love of music and electronics and create guitar pedals.


Demedash's newest Delay Pedal, The new T-120 Videotape Echo Deluxe, exemplifies his talent in both arenas. 

The T-120 Black Sparkle has anodized black and purple metal knobs that now proudly display the alternate parameters of Divisions, Glide and Randomize. While Glide and Randomize are available, yet hidden, in the V2 version, Tap Tempo Divisions are unique to the Deluxe model.   

Clearly visible in white are icons for Quarter notes, Dotted eighth notes, Eighth notes and triplets. From Fully counter-clockwise to fully clockwise they encircle a black “Time” knob in a sparkly black background. Tap the Left hand footswitch two or three times to enter a tempo. The time between the last two taps is what will be set.


Trails are now adjustable on or off via footswitch. 


A new 3-D landscape improves the depth of field by keeping your dry signal completely identical on both left and right channels, and inducing changes only in the wet signal on each respective side.

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