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Wardenclyffs back in April!

Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe Deluxe Lo-Fi M

Hungry Robot Pedals is a Boutique Effects Builder from Iowa. In his own words, 

     "The Wardenclyffe Deluxe!!! Same great Wardenclyffe vibes and base circuit and coding. Here is what’s new (spoiler: it’s a lot). The Deluxe now has tap tempo control as well as a wider range of modulation rates and an LED rate indicator. Also new is an independent control over the level of the ambient PAD.


The CLOCK knob controls the operating frequency of the DSP. Lower frequencies turn the signal into an ultra muddled, borderline unusable, muddled lofi mess.


The DETUNE toggle splits the signal into two and tastefully detunes one of them for a lush chorus effect. The CRUSH toggle adds a gnarly bit crusher to the signal. The three small knobs on top are a Vinyl Noise simulator to mimic an old record player.


The Snake knob adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the mix. The Campfire knob adds a crackle effect. The Pop knob (or if you didn’t grow up in the Midwest, soda knob) adds a random popping effect. The Wardenclyffe was already a very solid pedal but now I consider this to be the most feature packed lofi pedal out there.


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