Demedash Effects Spidola Fuzz Pedal

Spidola Germanium Fuzz


A parallel path device, the Spidola features a genuine hot-rodded Germainum Treble-Booster Fuzz in parallel with a bass overdrive.

Recombining these two channels allows each to fill in the other’s gaps, outputting a thick, huge sound that doesn't lose an ounce of clarity.


The Spidola can belt out glorious, cutting tones one can only get by abusing early analog audio technology. This little box can pack a punch because it doesn’t contain any fluff, just the parts that really count.

  • Gain

    Adjusts the amount of boost applied prior to the Fuzz and Bass drive section.

  • Level

    Sets the output volume of the device.

  • Bass

    Sets the output level of the Bass overdrive section. Turn up to fill out your sound. Turn to zero to use the spidola like a genuine vintage treble booster. 

  • Treble

    Varies the amount of filtering applied to the output of the treble booster.  Roll of the highs by turning this counterclockwise.