The Wave Delay Reverb Pedal

The Wave Delay Reverb Pedal


The Wave combines Digital and Analogue technology to recreate three classic delay forms; the Binson Echorec, the Roland RE-201 and the Echoplex Ep-3. All delays can be used in combination with Belton Brick-Reverb. This is a stunning combination of effects in and of itself. However, what makes this Pedal unique is how modulation can be applied to either the first repeat, the second repeat or not at all. 

  • Binson Echorec

    The Binson Echorec plays one long repeat followed by shorter repeats,

  • Roland RE-201 Space Echo

    Dual Repeats with subtle analogue distortion

  • Echoplex Ep-3

    One playback signal adjustable by time and feedback

  • Modulation

    Optical modulation provides tape warble that is unique in its ability to be set on either the first repeat, second repeat or off completely via the modulation toggle switch

  • Reverb

    Belton Brick-3 Reverb adds dark natural ambiance. The room size is adjustable by the Decay control.

  • Wash

    The Was footswitch shorts the feedback knob bringing the signal into oscillation.