Zero Point, Flanger Pedal, Catalinbread

Zero Point Flanger Pedal


Flangers have traditionally gone up and down at a rate standardized by a knob attached to an LFO (Speed). What makes Zero-Point unique is that allows you to be in control of the effect just like the sound engineers who originally pressed against the tape spool to slow the mechanism. Press the pedal footswitch and the effect will swell until the point at which you release. Then it will continue down to where you started. 

  • Flange Switch

    1. Additive Mode. When this switch is pressed the Flange effect sweeps upward when it is released the flange effect sweeps back down.
    2. Subtractive mode. Holding the footswitch will eventually lead to the two signals to cancel each other out when they're delayed by the same amount and out of phase.