Wardenclyffe Deluxe, Hungry Robot Pedals, Lo-Fi Pedal, Modulation Pedal, Chorus pedal

Wardenclyffe DELUXE Lo-Fi Chorus Tremolo



The Wardenclyffe has always been a tribute to the mysterious odd scientists of the 20th Century. It brings together Chorus, Vibrato and High/Low Pass filters to create the Ultimate Lo-Fi Pedal.

The Wardenclyffe "Deluxe" increase Modulation Depth and adds a tep temp control as well as an LED rate indicator.

The Clock Knob reduces the rate of the digital signal proccessor (the literal definition of Lo-Fi).

Three noise simulators combine to create the background of an old record player;

the Snake Knob adds filtered white noise to the mix,

the Campfire knob adds a crackle effect,

The Pop Knob adds random pops (of Course).